Gadget Gizmos Quiz

Question 1

This game system from Microsoft is hands-free and equipped with a camera that detects and reacts to your every move.

A. PlayStation
B. Kinect
C. Wii
D. Nintendo

Question 2

Sony’s motion-controlled game system for PlayStation uses small, hand-held lights to react to your swings, throws, and slides.

A. Xbox 360
B. Wii
C. Move
D. GameCube

Question 3

With this device from Logitech, any television set that supports an HDMI port can also be used for web browsing, video calling, and YouTubing.

A. Webcam
B. ClearChat
C. Revue
D. Alert

Question 4

The DSC-TX9 and the DSC-WX5, cutting-edge cameras from Sony, creates this kind of image.

A. Digital
B. 2-D
D. 3-D

Question 5

This free application from Google allows users to take a picture of just about anything and, within moments, returns a search-result page for the item.

A. Goggles
B. Snaps
C. PicSearch
D. G-Search

Question 6

OnLive is a subscription service that delivers these directly to your Mac, PC, or home television through the power of the Internet.

A. Music downloads
B. Movies
C. TV shows
D. Videogames

Question 7

OPOWER is a service that collects data on this and then aggregates and compares it with your neighbors, all in an effort to impact your behavior.

A. Recycled items
B. Energy usage
C. Water usage
D. Gas consumption

Question 8

This social network site aims to encourage users to be more physically active by allowing them to present “if/then” challenges to friends.


Question 9

This gadget fits on top of standard pill bottles and illuminates when it is time to take your dosage.

A. GlowCaps
B. RememPill
C. DailyGlow
D. LightNow

Question 10

This ’70s-era, video game giant is making a comeback with a digital initiative that will offer customers revamped versions of classic games that can be played online.

A. GameCube
B. Sega
C. Nintendo
D. Atari