MATS 2010

We held our first of its kind at a trucking show 61+ Health Awareness Walk at the Mid-America Trucking Show In Louisville, Ky. The show ran from March 25-27, 2010. The Health Awareness Walk was held on Friday March 26 at 8 a.m. We had over 110 people register for the walk and 79 people actually showed up and walked with us. It was a chilly morning with the temperature in the low 40’s at walk time. Bob Perry the “Trucker Trainer” started us out with warm up exercises and then led us in the 1.5 mile walk around the exterior of the show grounds. When we completed the walk Bob also led us in cool down exercises. A grand time was held by all. Thanks to all who helped us put on our first walk and also to all those who braved the chilly temps. A special thanks to Driver Health Magazine and all of the wonderful folks there (Marvin, Penny, Andy, Cheryl and Jenny), Bob Perry and his staff at Roadside Medical and to all of our members in The Trucking Solutions Group Driver Health Council.