Environmental I.Q. Quiz

Question 1

How much did Americans spend on organic food in 2009?

A. $50 million
B. $100,000
C.$10 million
D. $25 million

Question 2

What portion of American consumers buy organic foods and beverages?

A. One Third
B. Three Quarters
C. Two thirds
D. One Half

Question 3

A. 160
B. 100
C. 365
D. 120

Question 4

What must account for at least 30 percent of the diet of a cow that’s to be certified organic?

A. Organic compounds
B. Grass
C. Oats
D. Corn

Question 5

What is a suitable ratio of cows per acre of land under the new organic regulations?

A. Three cows per acre
B. Four cows per acre
C. Two cows per acre
D. One cow per acre

Question 6

Who gets used cooking oil from restaurants in Montgomery County, Maryland?

A. Beauticians
B. Organic farmers
C. Owners of vehicles powered by vegetable oil
D. Massage therapists

Question 7

What’s been called the “largest interconnected machine on Earth”?

A. The highway system
B. The American electrical grid
C. The Internet
D. The cell tower grid

Question 8

Libba and Gifford Pinchot started the Bainbridge Graduate Institute to integrate a traditional business education with environmental and social responsibility. What did Gifford’s grandfather do?

A. Founded the Sierra Club with John Muir
B. Discovered the land that would become Yellowstone National Park
C. Wrote the Clean Air Act
D. Worked with Theodore Roosevelt to set aside millions of acres for parks and national forests

Question 9

What use does white vinegar have around the home?

A. Natural cleanser and disinfectant
B. Natural cat litter
C. Natural toothpaste
D. Natural paint remover

Question 10

What is sometimes called “black gold of the garden”?

A. Chemical fertilizers
B. Lead
C. Compost
D. Metal filings