Charitable Giving Quiz

Question 1

This person stated, “If you haven’t got charity in your heart, you have the worst kind of heart trouble.”

A. Frank Sinatra
B. Bob Hope
C. Mother Theresa
D. Jimmy Carter

Question 2

What is an “unrestricted donation?”

A. A donation that is shared across many different charities
B. An open-ended donation of a percentage of the donator’s year-end income
C. A donation that cannot be written off on taxes
D. A donation that allows the charity to use its own discretion about how to best spend donation money.

Question 3

When is the last day a donation can be made in a calendar year for it to be written off on taxes for that year?

A. December 31
B. December―
C. December 1
D. October 1

Question 4

The ex-drummer and cancer survivor of what band wants people to sponsor him on a breast cancer awareness walk?

A. Rolling Stones
B. Judas Priest
C. Kiss
D. The Who

Question 5

Mike Monroe is spearheading this unofficial holiday, saying it is both for the charity of giving away items no longer needed and the environmental benefits of fewer unwanted items ending up in landfills.

A. Give Your Stuff Away Day
B. Reuse Day
C. Freecycle Day
D. Curb Day

Question 6

Ten years ago, world leaders set the most ambitious goals ever to tackle global poverty. What are these goals called?

A. The Coalition of the Willing
B. Millennium Development Goals
C. The War on Poverty
D. The Ten Year Summit

Question 7

John Löf, an emeritus professor of electrical engineering recently announced he would bequeath $1 million to what university?

A. University of Connecticut
B. University of Massachusetts
C. University of Georgia
D. University of Michigan

Question 8

If a charity requests donations from you over the phone, always do this before contributing money.

A. Request them to send printed materials
B. Ask for its address
C. Ask them to prove that it is connected with the Better Business Bureau
D. Ask in detail about the charity’s works

Question 9

What is the safest way to give to a charity?

A. Mailed personal checks
B. Mailed cash
C. Emailed credit card numbers
D. Mailed money order

Question 10

What information does the Wise Giving Alliance supply?

A. None of these
B. The easiest and safest methods of giving to charities
C. Checking a charity’s reputation
D. Calculates the ideal amount of money to give to charities based on income