Government Quiz

1. What was the first state to allow women to vote?
2. Article 1, Section 2, of the U.S. Constitution requires that every 10 years, what should happen?
3. Can you name two countries of Europe besides Britain which currently have queens as ruling monarchs?
4. If the President and Vice President should die, resign, or otherwise become unable to continue in office, what political position would assume the office of President of the United States?
5. In 1975, Gerald Ford appointed which future President to be director of the Central Intelligence Agency?
6. Which Amendment to the US Constitution grants people the right to keep and bear Arms?
7. According to the U.S. Constitution, if none of the candidates for President gains a majority of the electoral votes, how would the choice of President be made?
8. What Federal agency regulates transportation and commerce on Lake Tahoe?
9. If a foreign born person becomes a U.S. citizen, that person receives all the rights and privileges of natural-born citizens, except for one. What is it?
10. If Ross Perot had been elected President, he would have become the first non-politician to become President since which person?