Recorded Calls


TW Headshot 2011ACAPHealthOur good friend Todd Whitthorne returned to again dazzle us with his endless knowledge and devotion to improving the health of people everywhere.
In his new position as President of ACAP Health in Dallas, Tx., Todd is a much sought after speaker in the area of improving the health and well being of people around the world.
When Todd visits us he is what we refer to him as a self starter. We invite him to join us (he always gladly accepts), we say “hello” and the “ready, set, go”! From that point on we sit back and marvel at his ability to educate and motivate us on the ins and outs of how to live a healthier, happier life.
Todd never disappoints. This recording is well worth the listen. I strongly encourage all to do so.


JeffenowJeffrey C. Flath, President and CEO of  enow, a company on the leading edge of solar energy solutions for the transportation joined us for a fascinating discussion of how their innovative solar panels are changing the way many things are powered on our trucks and in other applications.



Kyle Houston, Vice President of Sales and Brendan McLoughlin, Regional Sales Manager for ATDynamics (Trailer Tail) joined us for a fascinating discussion about Trailer Tail, the revolutionary product that is installed on the back of trucks and trailers to save fuel. Subjects discussed included how it works, installation and installation time, and price just to name a few.


meGregHunter Logo Jeff Murray, Cleveland Regional Manager and Greg Brock, Heavy Duty Equipment Specialist from Hunter Engineering, the truck alignment specialists joined us for an eye opening discussion about heavy truck alignment. They discussed the differences between their alignment system and others being used in the industry.



Image 1Homer Hogg Senior Technical Trainer TA/Petro joined us to share his philosophy on what he’s trying to accomplish at TA/Petro shops.
Lots to learn for all from this call.


InsideBusinessRichard Wood is the president and owner of SOLUS-Solutions and Technologies LLC, a service disabled veteran owned small business located in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

In 2010 he retired from NASA as the leading expert in aerodynamic design and drag reduction.  He has authored 120 technical reports and has 17 patents and 7 patents pending.

We had a most fascinating and educational discussion with Mr. Wood regarding all things pertaining to truck aerodynamics.

Visit his company’s website at

.Click here to listen to the call:


Craig LeClaire President MicroBlue Bearings

Craig leClaire, President of MicroBlue bearings joined us to talk about the history of the company, the different applications of the product why the product works so well.
There are substantial fuel savings being reported on by using the company’s process in heavy duty trucks (as well as many other applications. For heavy duty trucks the applications include wheel bearings, transmissions, differentials and engine re-build kits.
fascinating information and well worth the listen.


Anne S. FerroFMCSA Administrator Anne Ferro

FMCSA Administrator Anne Ferro joins us once again for a lively discussion on a wide variety of subjects and concerns.


IdleAir President Mike Fielden and IdleAir Chief Listening Officer Jeff Maurer

IdleAir President Mike Fielden and IdleAir Chief Listening Officer Jeff Maurer join us for a very informative discussion on the past, present and future of IdleAir, the anti-idling company.



Me July 2010 Scott Grenerth
Owner-operator and OOIDA member Scott Grenerth (pronounced Green-Earth) joins us for an informative hour recapping his recent testimony before the Subcommittee on Regulatory Affairs, Stimulus Oversight and Government Spending hearing in Washington, D.C. We also learn how he became such a passionate environmentalist and industry activist. We can all stand to learn from this interesting and involved individual. Way to go Scott!


NTSB Honorable Chairman Deborah A. P. Hersman
NTSB Chairman Deborah Hersman joined us for an hour to discuss subjects that included new driver training standards, safety, detention time, reincarnated carriers, graduated licenses and the proposed across the board cellphone ban for commercial drivers. An informative hour for sure.


Dan Burges CPP, Senior Director of Intelligence FreightWatch International
Did you know that thieves who get caught stealing truck loads of freight don’t get prosecuted or sent to jail????   We were shocked.

That’s just one of the many things we found out as we talked with Dan Burges of FreightWatch International. This was a very informative call. Thank-you Dan for a great hour.


Beckett, MichaelMike Beckett MD Alignment

Mike Beckett, one of the country’s foremost experts on tire wear and truck alignment and the creator of the Protrak Heavy Duty Laser Wheel Alignment system, makes his second guest appearance with us. The knowledge and experience that Mike has acquired through his decades in the business is timeless.

For more information about Mike or the Protrak Heavy Duty Laser Wheel Alignment system, or to purchase his books, please visit Mike’s website at


Ellen Voie CAE President & CEO of Women In Trucking

Ellen Voie joins us for an hour long conversation. Ellen talks about the mission of the Women In Trucking organization, initiatives they are currently working on and goals of the organization for the future.


Todd Whitthorne President & Chief Executive Officer Cooper Wellness

Rarely have we met a person who is as knowledgeable and has the passion for healthy living as our good friend Todd Whitthorne. Todd joins us for an in depth conversation about how to live a  healthy lifestyle, eat properly and build towards a healthy future for ourselves and our country as a whole.


Beckett, MichaelMike Beckett MD Alignment

I was able to retrieve a call that we had with Mike Beckett from 2010 from our previous conference call service. It was recorded in January 2010 but the great information that Mike provided us is timeless. It was a long call (1 hour 39 minutes) but the knowledge we gathered was priceless.


Anne S. FerroFMCSA Administrator Anne Ferro

FMCSA Administrator Anne Ferro discusses a variety of subjects with us including the FMCSA’s mission, how the FMCSA chooses issues to pursue, EOBRs, entry level requirements for drivers and trainers, just to name a few.


Keith Harrington Product Manager Freightliner
Keith Harrington, product manager at Freightliner, talks about innovations currently being worked on at Freightliner including virtual technology.


Tom Bock OPS-1
Tom takes us through how to understand the findings of an oil sample.


Alan Bates V.P. of Marketing Shorepower Technologies
Alan shares the new service that Shorepower is rolling out at truckstops throughout  the country.


Bjorn Cannon Sr. Acct. Mgr. Real Wheels Corp.
Bjorn talks about aerodynamic wheels for trucks and other products offered by Real Wheels Corporatation


Thomas MacMenemy Mgr. Foundation Brakes Daimler
Thomas talks about brake systems for new and existing trucks and also what’s coming down the pike at Daimler with regards to brake systems.


Dr. Mary D. “Maggi” Gunnels PhD, MS Dir. Office of Medical Programs FMCSA US DOT
“Dr. Maggi” discusses programs that the FMCSA Medical Department is currently working on and what we might expect to see in the near future.


Harvey Brodsky Managing Director Retread Tire Association
Anything and everything you might want to know about retreads. Haven’t considered them before? You might after listening to Harvey. Today’s retreads are not the same as your grandfather’s retreads.


Rick Catron Sales Manager FASS
Rick talks about the FASS system for trucks and fields questions from our group.


Marcus Gravely – Product Segment Mgr.  Shannon Duncan Marketing Specialist Daimler Parts


Tom O’Brien President and CEO of TA/Petro Travel Centers and his Senior Management Team
Mr. Tom O’Brien and the Senior Management Team at TA/Petro talk about initiatives at TA/Petro, receive feedback from our group and query us as well.


Tom Liutkus Director of Advertising and Public Relations TA Travel Centers
Setting the groundwork for our meeting with the Senior Management Team. We discuss experiences we’ve had at TA/Petro locations and Tom has some questions for us as well.


John Truly Senior Compliant Specialist Oregon DOT
What’s it like to be a DOT inspector? We pick his brain as well.


Dr. Jeffrey Durmer Co-Founder, Medical Director and Chief Medical Officer Fusion Sleep & Sleep4Safety
Dr. Jeffrey Durmer “Dr. Sleep” talks to us about all things having to do with Sleep Apnea.


Steve Wolf West Region Sales Manager ZF Sachs
ZF Sachs is a German company and is the largest manufacturer of auto and heavy truck shock absorbers in the world, including OEM shocks for Freightliner. He talks to us about all things shock absorbers.


Mark Farkham President & Co-Founder Inovex Industries
Mark Farkham’s company is the maker of “Ride On” tire sealer and balancer. He talks to us about the product.


Guy Walenga Bridgestone Tire Director of Engineering Commercial Products and Technology
Guy Walenga talks to us about many subjects having to do with tires including rolling resistance.