Name That Condition

Question 1

What will you frequently do if you have autosomal dominant compelling heliopthalmic outburst syndrome?

Question 2

A portion of your stomach protrudes through a hole in your diaphragm and upward into your chest. You have?

Question 3

You have alternating pain, weakness, numbness and tingling in your leg. These are very likely symptoms of what?

Question 4

What is scrofula?

Question 5

Epitrochlear bursitis is another name for this condition.

Question 6

You develop a spider angioma. This is a relatively common condition involving what part of your body?

Question 7

Somnambulism is another name for what?

Question 8

Your grandchild develops a chalazion. What part of his or her body is affected?

Question 9

Encephalitis is an irritation and inflammation affecting which organ?

Question 10

Goiter, an enlargement of the thyroid gland, is often caused by a deficiency in this nutrient.