TV Quiz

Question 1

He is the highest paid actor on TV.

A. Charlie Sheen
D. Mark Harmon
C. Sam Waterston
D. David Caruso

Question 2

This Norman Lear produced show won 4 Emmy Awards and the Peabody Award.

A. Sanford and Son
D. Maude
C. Good Times
D. All in the Family

Question 3

A new network show in development for Fall 2010 called [Stuff] My Dad Says is based on the acid wit of this aging star.

A. George Segal
B. Don Rickles
C. Leonard Nimoy
D. William Shatner

Question 4

The first TV sitcom starring an African American actress was called Julia. Who was the actress?

A. Diahann Carroll
B. Eartha Kitt
C. Angela Bassett
D. Ruby Dee

Question 5

Before cable took over, there were some cooking shows on regular TV too. One was the Galloping Gourmet, whose name was…

A. Graham Kerr
B. Piero Pierini
C. Paul Prudhomme
D. Julius Childs

Question 6

The 2010 Emmy Awards show aired live on NBC. Who was the host?

A. Jimmy Fallon
B. Billy Crystal
C. Dennis Miller
D. Seth Meyers

Question 7

The Office is one of the most popular shows on TV. It is based on a BBC series co-created by whom?

A. Eric Idle
B. Terry Gilliam
C. John Cleese
D. Ricky Gervais

Question 8

On Which of these TV shows did ageless actress Betty White not star?

A. Lou Grant
B. The Mary Tyler Moore Show
C. Hot in Cleveland
D. The Golden Girls

Question 9

The entire series of this dark ABC comedy/mystery series is now available on DVD. The show “looked 20 minutes into the future.” What was it?

A. Max Headroom
B. Time Tunnel
C. Quark
D. Twilight Zone

Question 10

John Krasinski stars on which of these Emmy nominated shows?

A. The Office
B. Mad Men
C. Modern Family
D. Glee