Social Media Quiz

Question 1

This popular site links you in real time with someone likely to know the answer to any questions you may have.

A. Brainchild
B. Aardvark
C. Gizmo
D. Knowitall

Question 2

Skype is a software program that lets you do what?

A. Send a text by speaking into your phone
B. Hold a device to the sky and see the names of stars
C. See and talk to people over the Internet
D. Hold a device near a song and identify it

Question 3

This is by far the most popular social media web site used by seniors 50 and over.

A. Facebook
B. Youtube
C. LinkedIn
D. Twitter

Question 4

A fascinating lexicon of abbreviations has been created to simplify texting. This, for example, is the shortcut for Starbucks.

B. Anna Sui
D. *$

Question 5

This online activity ranks number one.

A. Buying and selling
B. Social networking
C. Searching
D. Emailing

Question 6

Facebook Addiction Disorder or FAD. Is it for real?

A. No. It hasn’t been recognized as such yet.
B. Yes, but only a few people are affected.
C. No, using Facebook is just a fad.
D. Yes. And you can actually test for it on Facebook.

Question 7

Mark Zuckerberg is the CEO of ______?

A. Yahoo!
B. MySpace
C. Facebook
D. Earthlink

Question 8

A North Carolina State psychology professor believes social networking is popular because it’s a safe, easy way for people to make connections without ____.

A. Taking risks
B. Geographical restrictions
C. Having to speak
D. Leaving home

Question 9

When you “poke” someone on Facebook, you are very likely…

A. Angry
B. Flirting
C. Sleepy
D. Signing off

Question 10

Wee-Web is a new social networking site where parents can invite friends and family to view pictures and videos of their children. The site’s most active users are ____.

A. Parents
B. Young adults
C. Grandparents
D. Pre-teens