Pet Dog Quiz

1. Cesar Millan is not only known by this name, it’s also the title of his show on dog behavior.

A. The Dog Doctor
B. Dog Guru
C. Dog Whisperer
D. Dog Psychologist

2. Cesar believes that most dog behavior problems begin with:

A. Animal neglect
B. Humans who try to change their nature
C. Aggressive breeds
D. Animal abuse

3. According to Cesar, dogs who are fulfilled are led with three principles, but in what order?

A. Exercise, discipline and affection
B. Affection, exercise, discipline
C. Affection, discipline, exercise
D. Discipline, exercise, affection

4. If you are looking for a mellow, mild-mannered dog, a good choice would be:

A. Jack Russell Terrier
B. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
C. Schnauzer
D. Welsh Corgi

5. A dog’s acute sense of smell means a trained dog can detect this:

A. Drugs tucked in luggage hidden from sight
B. A burning house from 3 miles away
C. E. Coli from eggs
D. Bladder cancer from a urine sample

6. A service dog can warn their owners of this with a simple paw thump or bark.

A. Burglar
B. Thunderstorm
C. Earthquake
D. Seizure

7. Petting a friendly dog can have these health benefits!

A. Slow heart rate
B. Relax muscles
C. Lower stress hormones
D. All of these

8. The quiet listening skills of dogs has been known to benefit:

A. Actors practicing their lines
B. Kids with reading challenges
C. Schizophrenia patients
D. Store owners who keep a dog in the shop

9. How many companies in the United States do you think allow pets in the workplace?

A. 17%
B. 9%
C. 2%
D. 1%

10. 75 million Americans believe that having pets in the workplace:

A. is an allergy threat
B. is too disruptive
C. makes people happier
D. is good for the pet