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2011 Toll Free Numbers for Health Information
Dietary Supplement Fact Sheets

Dietary Guidelines for Americans, 2010 [PDF – 2.9 MB]
USDA Nutritional Information for Foods

Calorie Burning Activities
Understanding a Nutrition Label
Useful Health and Fitness Apps


Why Sugar Is Called “The White Death” and the Sugar Cancer Connection
How Deep Does Your Food Bias Go?
Healthier Fast Food Options Do Exist!

Diners Underestimate Calories In Fast-Food Meals
Can Eating a Healthy Diet Actually Save You Money?
Eat Less Later By Paying Attention Now
180,000 Deaths Linked to Sugary Drinks
How Eating With Your Eyes May Not Always Be a Bad Thing
Permission to Eat What You Want?
Fast Mealtime Solutions When Short on Time
The Best Night-Time Snack
Helpful Calorie Counting Tips
Healthy Tips to Get You Through Football Season
Stressed is Desserts Spelt Backwards!
Self Control and Blood Sugar: Part 3
“Exercise” Your Way To Better Self-Control! Part 2
Resisting Temptations: Part I
Sugar: Are You Consuming Too Much?
What Does 100 Calories Look Like?
If You Must Eat Fast Food
Two Sugar Cookies = 44 Minutes of Brisk Walking
Spice Up Your Holiday Meals
How Frequently Should You Eat?
“The Dirty Dozen”: Fact, Fiction, or a bit of both?
FATS 101
Is sea salt lower in sodium than table salt? Most Americans don’t know. Do you?
Don’t Forget White When Choosing a Rainbow Of Colors for Your Plate
Healthy Eating for Disease Prevention: Study Shows There’s Still No Quick Fix
Fit Fruits and Veggies Into Your Fall and Winter Menus
Study Compares Americans’ Eating Behaviors Over 30 Years
Factors that Influence Children’s Use of Fast Food and Full Service Restaurants
Kids Will Eat Less Sugary Cereals – Give Them a Chance!
Can’t Get Your Kids to Eat Vegetables? Call them X-Ray Vision Carrots and Power Peas!
Diet and Lifestyle Recommendations
Serving Your Family “Healthy” Foods May Not Be Helpful
How To Use Fruits and Vegetables To Help Manage Your Weight
How To Avoid Portion Size Pitfalls
Veggies – The Healthy Calorie Buster
Cut Up Your Food To Cut Down On Calories?
Essential Eating Well Seafood Guide
One Fish, Two Fish: Counting Your Omega-3s
The Wild Salmon Debate


A Look at Energy Drinks
Subway or McDonald’s–Which is Healthier?
The Potential Sneaky Calorie Adder

Eating Healthy with Red, White, and Blue

Eggs–Incredible or Not So Much?

Healthy Eating Important For Disease Prevention Even With Drug Therapies
Foods Your Heart Will Love
Another Reason to Hold the Added Sugar
The Salty Six
Are Fast Foods Getting Healthier?
Which nut is the best?
Pumpkins: More Than Just for Carving!
Help! I’m Hungry And I’m At The Airport!
Would You Fuel Your Brand New Ferrari With French Fry Grease?
Snack Attack
Healthy Eating: My Ways to Making it Fit
Sugar: Are You Consuming Too Much?
Can You Cook?
School Nutrition Standards Raised – 1st Update in More than 15 years!
What Are Empty Calories?
Using the Nutrition Facts Label: A How-To Guide for Older Adults
Healthy Snacking
What Should I Eat? Healthy Eating: Ten Nutrition Tips for Eating Right
10 Healthy Eating Tips for Vegetarians
Tips for Picking Fall Produce
Nutrition for Everyone
Water: Meeting Your Daily Fluid Needs
Dietary Fat
Vitamins and Minerals
Your Food Environment Atlas
Reading Food Nutrition Labels
Nutrition Center- Healthy Diet Goals
Grocery Shopping
Heart-Check Mark Criteria
USDA National Nutrient Database
The High Cost of Healthy Eating Out of Reach for Many
Busy Work Day? Try These Tips For Healthy Eating On the Job!
Chew More to Eat Less?


Top Fitness Trends for 2014
Park Utilization and American’s Fittest or Fattest Cities: Are They Connected?
Protect the Lower Body by Working the Core
Dumbbells or Bands: Is There a Difference?
Pairing Stretching within Strength Segments Improves Flexibility and Strength

Can You Drink Too Much Water During Exercise?

Exercise Options for Bad Knees

Sick, Hurt, or Lazy
Light Exercise Following a Meal Has Tremendous Impact on Triglyceride …
Tools to Help You “Find The Time”
Using Culture to Promote Physical Activity
Health Benefits of Your “Green Thumb”
Light Exercise Following a Meal Has Tremendous Impact on Triglyceride Levels
My Marathon Training Journey
Effectiveness of Self-Selected Music on Strength, Explosiveness, and M…
Make Your Plan To Stay Active This Holiday Season
Tell me how you really feel about your exercise routine?
Got “Time”?
Need Some Motivation? Train for a Cause.
Make the Most Out of Walking
Get Fit Regardless of Your City’s Fitness Ranking
Can Improving Endurance Performance be as easy as 10-20-30?
The Payoff of Midlife Fitness
Play in the Water and Burn Calories like an Olympian
Don’t Be a Desk Potato – Ways to Get Moving on the Job
Singing the Workout Blues?
Workout for a Bigger Paycheck
Aerobic Exercise: Is More Necessarily Better?
Fitness Clubs Examined
Help! What Exercise Should I Do First?
Calories Burned by …………….
Bodyweight Exercises: Exercise for Wherever You Are
More Than Weight Loss
You’ve Got To Move it, Move it, MOVE IT!
Preventing Excessive Weight Gain During Pregnancy
MET Minutes: A Simple Common Value to Track Exercise Progress
Resistance Training For African-American Women: Is it worth the extra time?
Think Twice About Jumping In The Car
Jump to Sprint Faster
Are We Boring Our Children Into Inactivity?
Physical Activity Improves Quality of Life
Does Foot Strike Pattern Affect Injury Rates in Runners?
Physical Activity: Stop the Decline Before It Happens!
Going for the Burn
What About the Incidental Stuff?
Sitting DOES NOT do a body good!
Controversy Over Crunches
One Fabulous Exercise: Chair Squat to Shoulder Press
Does a General Warm-up Really Help Lifting Performance?
Yet another benefit of exercise: kicking that smoking habit good bye
Is it Risky to be a Weekend Warrior?
Resolve to Get Active
Be Active Your Way
The Way to Get Teens to Be More Physically Active May Be Through Their Phones

Are you getting 10,000 steps a day? You may not have to!
Does Exercise Intensity Matter?
Intensity Matters
The Benefits of Walking
Walking 101
Maximize Your Walks
Another Benefit of Exercise – Beating the Common Cold
Shoe-Based Activity Monitors: The latest in predicting calories expended?
Spring Into Physical Activity
Physical Activity: Are We Doing Enough?

Weight Loss

Little Things May Make the Biggest Difference
Is Lower Always Better?

Top Obstacle to Successful Weight Loss Revealed
The Diet Dilemma: Cut Liquid or Solid Calories

Detox Diets–Do They Work?
Weight Loss and Weight Maintenance: Problem Solving might be the Key
The weight loss skill you CANNOT live without!
One of the Secret Skills to Weight Loss
The Dreaded Scale May Just Be Your Friend
Is Your Weekend Sabotaging Your Weight Loss Efforts?
Healthy Inside and Out: An Environmental Approach to Weight Loss
Debunking Weight Loss Myths (Part 2)
Debunking Weight Loss Myths
Obesity Trends by State
Obesity Prevention Efforts Finally Paying Off?
More Counseling Works for Weight Loss

Weight Loss: A Family Affair
Study tracks how people lost weight and kept it off

Once Again, Behaviorally Based Treatments Found Effective For Weight Loss
New Recommendations for Obesity Prevention in Children 0 to 5
Dieters Lose Weight When Their Doctors Send Them to Weight Watchers
Counseling For Weight Loss: Some Say Don’t Stress Self-Control
New Tool Helps Set Realistic Expectations for Weight Loss
Which Weight Loss Programs Work?
Get In Touch With Your Appetite
We’ve Told You Before- -Log It To Lose Weight!
Repeat What You Eat to Lose Weight?
Emotions and Eating
Weight Loss Programs Should Not be Written Off!
What Works for Weight Loss May Not for Maintenance of Weight Lost
Don’t Forget About Your Back
To Fight Obesity, Even Babies Should Exercise

General Health

What Dehydration Does To Your Body
Seven Small Steps to Big Results!

Hot Off the Presses From CI: Cardiorespiratory Fitness Strongly Linked to Heart Failure Mortality
Fish Oils and Brain Health during Pregnancy and Post-Partum

Park Utilization and American’s Fittest or Fattest Cities: Are They Connected?
You Know Your ABC’s; Do You Know Your A1C?
Hot Off the Presses From CI: Cardiorespiratory Fitness Strongly Linked to Heart Failure Mortality
New Hope for Childhood Diabetes?
Finding the “Fountain of Youth” Revisited

Can Diet Prevent the Development of Dementia?

Radiation: Putting You at Risk?

Protecting the Leaders of Tomorrow

Obesity is a Disease

Health Screenings by Age
Need to Lower Your Resting Blood Pressure? DASH, Don’t Walk!
Harvard Salt Study Shows 2.3 Million Related Deaths Worldwide In 2010
Are You A Role Model For Your Kids?
Why Disrupting Your Biological Clock May Be Dangerous to Your Health
Poll: Obesity’s A Crisis But We Want Our Junk Food
Study: Obese Drivers More Likely To Die In Crashes
Top Fitness Trends for 2013
HCG: Help or Hype for Obesity?
Who do you want to be in 5-10 years?
Concussion: Much More Serious Than Once Thought
Cardiorespiratory Fitness Level and LDL-Cholesterol Level; is One More Important Than the Other?
Fun in the Sun, While Avoiding the Risks
Reducing ACL Injuries in Women
Cardiorespiratory Fitness Level and the Metabolic Syndrome
Study: 1 in 4 Teens Have, Will Have Diabetes
Finding New Skill Building A Challenge? You Are Not Alone
Fitness or Fatness: Which is More Important for Determining the Risk of Cancer Death in Women?
Autism May Be Linked To Obesity During Pregnancy
Hypertension and Weight Training: Secrets for Success
Improve Your Posture and Reduce Back and Neck Pain
How Does Stress Affect You
Fight Stress with Healthy Habits
Are You Seeing Red?
Objective Assessment

Relieving Chronic Low Back Pain: Comparing Yoga, Stretching, and a Self-Care Book

Target Heart Rates
Making Heart Health a Habit
Are You Ready to ZUMBA®? What made the Top Fitness Trends for 2012?
More Than Just Strengthening
Best Kept Secrets of the Shoulder

How fit are you? See how you measure up
Yet another benefit of exercise: kicking that smoking habit good bye
Is Calorie Info at Fast Food Chains Making a Difference?
Best Way to Prevent Falls
Preparing For a Fall: The Role of Muscular Strength & Muscular Endurance
The Challenge of Maintaining Mass and Strength with Age
The Coffee Brew-haha
Long-term Effects Found From Short-term Overeating
Working 11+ Hours per day linked to increased heart attacks
What You Do in the Morning Could Help You Sleep Better at Night
Managing Mood Without Using Food
Sugar-Sweetened Beverages. Tax Them? Ban Them?
Preparing For a Fall: The Role of Muscular Strength & Muscular Endurance
Give So That Others May Live
Sunday: Doctor Preaches Wonder Cure: Vitamin D
From Fish Oil to Medicine No nutrient is more important for decreasing cardiovascular death—and more lacking—than omega-3
Is Your Vitamin D Level Where It Needs To Be?
Vitamin D Linked To More Colds and Flu
Vitamin D – Getting Enough Not Easy
Vitamin D and Heart Attacks