GATS Health Pavilion 2015

The Trucking Solutions Group has partnered with our great friends at Randall-Reilly to create the Landstar Fit for the Road Health Pavilion at this years’ Great American Trucking Show.

Our friends at Randall-Reilly came to us after the 2014 show to assist them in creating a new direction for the show. Their vision is to make GATS the destination of choice with regards to driver enjoyment and value by providing entertainment and activities for after show hours as well as a health pavilion that would include valuable health screenings at no cost to attendees.

The idea is to have attendees take advantage of the screenings, several of which will provide consultations with a medical professional (doctor or nurse) and establish a baseline of the current state of their health. From there, their results accompanied by advice from medical personnel can guide them to better health. In subsequent years attendees can return to the health pavilion to avail themselves of the same screenings in order to track improvements or lack there of.

The crown jewel of our health pavilion will be the appearance of a mobile mammogram unit for the first time EVER at a trucking show. TSG has partnered with the wonderful folks from Baylor Health Care System to offer this service.
The idea for this screening did not originate with the Trucking Solutions Group. Our good friend Dorothy Cox, long time writer at the “The Trucker” publication has wanted to see this service offered at trucking shows for some time. It wasn’t until she brought her vision to us, a group known for being able to get things done, that her dream has come to fruition. In her honor we are naming the site where the mammogram unit will be located as the “Dorothy Cox Mammogram Center”.

All of the health screenings in the health pavilion are being offered at no cost to all attendees of the show regardless of whether or not you are a CDL holder. We urge all drivers, vendors and anyone else at the show to take advantage of this opportunity.

Financial assistance will be available for those wishing to have a mammogram and who do not have insurance.

We hope to see many of you there!