Diet and Nutrition Quiz

Question 1

A Swedish study showed that women who ate this 1-2 times a week had a one-third lower chance of developing heart disease than those who didn’t.

A. Celery
B. Blueberries
C. Dark chocolate
D. White chocolate

Question 2

The higher the percentage of cocoa content listed on the wrapper of a sweet, the more of this it contains.

A. Omega-3
B. Sugar
C. Fiber
D. Antioxidants

Question 3

Consumption of this provides the greatest benefits in terms of preventing heart disease.

A. Beer
B. Wine
C. Tea
D. Coffee

Question 4

According to a 2008 FDA survey, about how many Americans check nutritional labels for calorie information?

A. Almost all
B. More than half
C. About half
D. Fewer than half

Question 5

What food that doctors and nutritionists frequently urge Americans to consume is starting to mimic the well-known risks of ground beef when it comes to food poisoning?

A. Lean chicken
B. Leafy greens
C. Oatmeal
D. Whole-grain breads

Question 6

According to CSPI, what is the culprit for 95% of all egg-related illnesses?

A. Neither of these
B. Both of these
C. Salmonella
D. E. Coli

Question 7

This vegetable is called “risky” by the CSPI not for its own sake, but for the high instance of cross contamination it has.

A. Carrots
B. Potatoes
C. Broccoli
D. Peas

Question 8

The hard-to-destroy scromboid toxin is found most often in which kind of tuna?

A. Canned
B. Smoked
C. Fresh
D. Frozen

Question 9

This leafy green is packed with nutrients that prevent dementia like folate, vitamin E, and vitamin K.

A. Spinach
B. Iceberg lettuce
C. Romaine lettuce
D. Dandelion leaves

Question 10

What food provides potent antioxidants known as polyphenols that reduce inflammation and encourage communication between neurons?

A. Spinach
B. White fish
C. Blackberries
D. Blueberries