Healthy Ways to Save Quiz

Question 1

Negotiating price with your doctor before treatment is often effective. To find out what local insurers pay doctors, go to this web site.


Question 2

Haggle over the price of your hearing aid. The retail markups are typically this high.

A. 200%
B. 120%
C. 50%
D. 90%

Question 3

Not all hospitals allow this, but you should always ask if you can do it.

A. Bring your own prescription and OTC drugs
B. Sleep at home if you live nearby
C. Get a senior citizen discount
D. Supply your own meals

Question 4

Healthcare Bluebook says a fair price for knee arthroscopy in Denver is $6,980. But according to, this is what Denver hospitals charge, on average.

A. $15,000
B. $10,000
C. $8,000
D. $11,500

Question 5

Many pharmacies, including Osco and Sav-On match competitors’ prescription prices. This web site will also match prices for a 90-day supply.


Question 6

Long-term care at home is desirable because institutional long-term care can cost ___ times as much as home care.

A. Three
B. Five
C. Ten
D. Two

Question 7

Starting as early as fall 2010, these will be free under the new health care law.

A. Cancer screenings
B. Office visits, excluding procedures and medications
C. Generic prescriptions for seniors over 75
D. Pre-schooler physical exams

Question 8

A special provision of Medicare can help pay for the cost of prescriptions if you have limited income or resources. It is called…

A. Extra Help
B. Prescription Reduction Plan
C. RxRedux
D. Rx4Saving

Question 9

This natural herb has been shown to be an effective remedy for indigestion.

A. Rosemary
B. Oregano
C. Peppermint
D. Clove

Question 10

While a survey conducted by the NIH showed that 63% of senior 50+ have used complementary or alternative medicine, only this many discussed it with their physicians.

A. 21%
B. 40%
C. 12%
D. 31%