GATS 2018 a Huge Success!


The Great American Trucking Show in Dallas, Tx. in August was a huge success
as was the Landstar Health & Wellness Pavilion. Several new free screenings were added making this years’ pavilion the best yet.

Here is a list of the FREE screenings that were offered this year:

Height, Weight, BMI and Blood Pressure testing                  Prostate Exams                             Blood Sugar Testing                                                                     Hemoglobin A1C Testing
Kidney Function Analysis                                                           Nutrition Screening
Chiropractor (Exams and evaluations)                                    Diabetes Education
Eye Acuity and Color Blindness Testing                                  DOT Physical Exams for $59
Sleep Apnea Screening                                                                Pulse/Ox Screening
Bone Marrow Donor Registration Drive (4th year)              Glucose Level Testing
Blood Drive (9th year)                                                                 Cholesterol Level Testing

Thanks to the generosity of many individuals and companies we were able to provide 49 mammograms to those interested and needing the screening. This was the second highest total we have achieved since this effort began back in 2015.

A special thanks to Methodist Dallas Medical Center for providing their mobile mammogram unit. We look forward to working with them for many years to come.

As always, we love our friends at Randall-Reilly who operate the show and host us each year. We’re already working on next years’ show!!

It’s going to be great!


Onramp to Health Would Like To Thank the Following People For Their Donations to the Mobile Mammogram Unit Fundraiser 2018:

Idella Hansen (four times)                             Deb and Del LaBree (twice)
Jon Osburn                                                        Les Willis (Godspeed Expediters)
Judith Byerly                                                     Ellen Voie
Cindy Kaps  (three times)                               Mary “Candy” Bass (twice)
Leslie Allison-Seei                                            Lee Brau (twice)
Pat Hockaday                                                    Bill Weaver
Carmen Anderson                                            Donna and Allen Smith
Sandra Putz                                                       Sonja Tucci
Christine Gray                                                   Jeff Clark
Desiree Wood                                                    Marty Ellis
Jackie Sutton                                                     Tamara “Ms Diva Trucker” Brock
Cynthia Wilde                                                    Leslie Warner
Donna Brackbill                                                Truckers Final Mile (Robert Palm)
Susan White                                                       Edee Gralapp
Rick Ash                                                              Jessica Graham


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The nylon bristles were developed in 1838 by DuPont.

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