Music Quiz

Question 1

In 1962, John, Paul and George fired this drummer and hired Ringo.

A. Stuart Sutcliffe
B. Brian Epstein
C. Pete Best
D. Tony Sheridan

Question 2

Nearly 45 years after the formation of a made-for-tv rock group, this former Monkee is trying to make a comeback as a blues musician.

A. Mike Nesmith
B. Peter Tork
C. Mickey Dolenz
D. Davey Jones

Question 3

Before they were the Beatles, the group had several other names. Which of these is not one of them?

A. Rock and the Rollers
B. Johnny and the Moondogs
C. The Quarrymen
D. The Silver Beatles

Question 4

When they started playing Louie Louie, this group brought the house down at the 2010 WQED Oldies Spectacular in Pittsburgh.

A.The Trashmen
B. The Royal Guardsmen
C. The Kingsmen
D. The Lettermen

Question 5

Also at the WQED Oldies Spectacular, this artist performed his Detroit Medley, including Jenny Take a Ride.

A. Mitch Ryder
B. Bob Seger
C. Wilson Pickett
D. Smokey Robinson

Question 6

Billy Sherill and this 84-year old country veteran were inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame in May 2010.

A. Marty Robbins
B. Harold Dorman
C. Ferlin Husky
D. Faron Young

Question 7

As a writer/producer, Billy Sherill and this female singer teamed up for 20 Number One country hits.

A. Tammy Wynette
B. Patsy Cline
C. Crystal Gayle
D. Shania Twain

Question 8

Eric Clapton and Jeff Beck were among the countless musicians influenced by this legendary blues singer/guitarist and 17 time Grammy winner.

A. B. B. King
B. Muddy Waters
C. Buddy Guy
D. Long John Baldry

Question 9

The recent re-issue of a 1972 Rolling Stones album debuted at Number 2 on the Billboard charts. What was it?

A. Aftermath
B. Let It Bleed
C. Exile on Main Street
D. Out of Our Heads

Question 10

Judy Collins dated this member of the group that wrote and recorded Suite: Judy Blue Eyes.

A. David Crosby
B. Neil Young
C. Graham Nash
D. Stephen Stills