Exhaust Systems

Thanks to Bob Caffee foe his ongoing maintenance tips.


How you ever thought about your exhaust system?  Other then the pre trip check for leaks, most people don’t.  Here is something that was brought to my attention about 2 years ago.  Diesel Engines produce soot – soot will collect on anything that is comes into contact with.  The muffler on your truck has one job to quite the noise.  The problem with mufflers in general is they have baffles in them that causes backpressure in the engine – this is bad.

If you think about your high school car, we all wanted dual exhaust & glass packs – no back pressure – more performance.  Dual exhaust on a truck is, in my opinion only for looks with that said an open flow-through muffler is what the doctor ordered, yes straight pipes will do the same thing but it will be much louder.  The flow through muffler we installed has a deeper tone but it is just as quiet as the original equipment muffler was.   When I removed the old muffler it weighed 80lbs the new flow through muffler weighed 25 lbs.  The original equipment muffler shipping weight is 40lbs, which means to me we had about 40lbs of soot in our muffler.  After dropping and banging it around on the ground I dumped a small coffee can full of soot just from one end of the muffler.  This 40lbs of soot plugs up the small holes that are inside the muffler, causes restriction and back pressure which equals – lower fuel mileage and poorer performance.

Mufflers are fairly easy to change but may require a torch or a grinder.  If you are really handy, changing a muffler can be done in about an hour.  If you are not handy any shop can change it quickly.  I only know of two companies that have flow through mufflers – Grand Rock, theirs is called the QP for Quiet Performance, and Pittsburgh Power, they just call theirs a flow through.  Should you decide to change your mufflers here is the site for Grand Rock http://www.grpipes.com/ and here is the site for Pittsburg Power http://www.grpipes.com/  make the order and when it comes in find a shop to change it for you.

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